No-Makeup November raises awareness and funds to stop modern-day slavery

By Cassie Gerhardstein
Senior Features Writer

Sophomore Lisa Troyer participates in NMN because it’s an awesome way for others to “view themselves and others the way God views them.”

Junior Katie Oostman has been taking part in NMN since her freshman year when she “wondered how much she relied on her makeup routine for everyday confidence” and “decided to put it to the test.” Since then, Oostman has launched a non-profit organization and campaign to pair the idea of girls not wearing makeup in November with a cause.

Oostman’s No-Makeup November non-profit is a project where girls go for a month without makeup to raise awareness and gather donations to abolish sex trafficking.

The idea is awareness based on action. “We believe that actively changing your lifestyle better impacts the person you’re helping because it creates a personal connection in you,” Oostman said. 

In other words, if you’re actively trying to change your viewpoint on something you struggle with, you will be more passionate about helping people enslaved by the same cause. In this case, Oostman and others want to help girls enslaved by society’s beauty standards who have ultimately ended up in the sex industry. 

“There are girls out there who need you to do this to raise money to free them, and there are girls beside you fighting the same doubt,” said Oostman.

Oostman realizes that, for some, not wearing makeup for a month is a drastic lifestyle change and can be extremely challenging. However, she holds firm to the belief that it isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s supposed fight the oppression beauty has become, ultimately resulting in self-confidence and a higher self-worth.  

“It’s easy to let low self-esteem isolate you, but the purpose of this month is to draw together,” Oostman said. 

Previously, they have raised over $1,000 annually for the cause. This year, No-Makeup November hopes to reach their goal of $3,000. All of the money is sent to the A21 Campaign, which is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates sex trafficking victims.
For more information on the No-Makeup November movement and to donate, go to