By Karis Rogerson and Meredith Schellin
News Editors

In light of recent events, the Anchored class of 2017 is seeking a new male class sponsor.

Class sponsors are elected by their peers, the junior class, every spring. Current class sponsor Kristin Knapton said, “The Illuminated class voted on who they thought would best represent [the] class and who would be a good role model for the incoming freshmen.” 

Knapton explains that being a class sponsor is more than being a friendly face on campus, but a responsibility. 

“Class sponsors sign a contract just like any other leadership position on campus that states we are to follow Asbury’s standards and represent the school to the best of our abilities,” said Knapton. 

After they are elected, class sponsors begin by choosing a class name, verse and faculty adviser for the incoming class. For this particular freshman class, Knapton and her partner chose Brad and Meg Easley as faculty sponsors. 

When the freshmen arrived, Knapton and her partner spent New Student Orientation building relationships with the new class. She has functioned and will continue to act as the freshman class cabinet until a new one is elected by their peers.

Because of the events that have transpired, Knapton and the Easleys have begun a search for a new class sponsor. “For formality reasons down the road we are going to find a replacement,” Knapton said. “We must rebuild.” 

She explained that part of the rationale behind choosing another male sponsor is so that official documents regarding the Anchored class from this point on will bear two names, like every other class. “Only listing one name everywhere for the Anchored class sponsors would be unfortunate and awkward and would just make people wonder,” Knapton said.

The Illuminated class will again have some say in who is chosen as the new class sponsor. Knapton said he will officially be introduced to the freshman class sometime next month. “We plan on announcing the new class sponsor at next month’s class prayer, which will hopefully be a large event with a bonfire,” she said. “The class cabinet will be introduced to the class along with the new sponsor. It should be a smooth transition along with the newly formed class cabinet.”

Replacing a class sponsor is something that has never happened before. Because of this, a new section will also be added to the handbook for class sponsors, outlining “new guidelines for what to do in this type of situation,” according to Knapton.

Easley expressed a hope for the Anchored class, and the university community as a whole, to grow as a result of this transition. “We want to create and maintain an atmosphere where we expect the best of one another, but also where grace and restoration can flourish.”