By Ashley Walls
Sports Editor

When faced with a very young team and only a few upperclassmen, some college coaches might call their season a “growing” or “learning” one. But though 10 out of the 12 tennis players on the Asbury women’s tennis roster are freshmen, head coach Jarred Miller doesn’t seem to have a lot to complain about. 

The (5-1) Asbury women’s tennis team is off to an almost flawless start to their season after beating Oakland City University at home on Sept. 23, adding yet another win to their almost perfect record. 

In the match against OCU on Monday, senior Miriam Waslewski paired up with freshman Alex LoPrinzi at No. 2 doubles. The two became a powerful duo; they kept it a bit close, but their quickness, powerful hits and teamwork ultimately gave them the 8-3 victory against the OCU players. At No. 5 singles, freshman Dominique Ducdoc easily defeated her opponent and Waslewski played again, ending her night with a shut-out win at No. 4 singles. Freshmen Laura Ross and LoPrinzi won at their No. 3 singles match and No. 2 singles match, respectively. 
Freshman tennis player and Argentina native Dominique Ducdoc says that going into pre-season, she had an idea their team would do well. 

“I’m not trying to be prideful,” said Ducdoc. “It’s just that we have very good and strong players.”

In addition to talent, DucDoc says head coach Jarred Miller gives constructive criticism in an encouraging way. 

“He knows each one of us as a player and gives us what he knows we can handle,” said Ducdoc. 

Call it good coaching, talented athletes, wise leadership from the two upperclassmen or the combination of all three— there’s no denying that Asbury’s women’s tennis team is off to an excellent start. To see for yourself, the team will play KIAC foe, Midway College, at home on Oct. 2 at 5 p.m.