A review of the Apple IOS 7 update

By Matthew Hunter
Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, Apple released their newest operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users:  iOS 7.

This new operating system is designed to look beautiful, work simply and be easily understood. No matter what the user is doing on his or her phone, be it surfing the web or texting, everything feels easy, instinctive and entertaining. 

The iOS 7 update gives iPhones, iPads and iPod touches a completely different look. The background and design of the phone looks more modern than the former operating system, which looked older and less eye-popping.     

For example, when the user opens up the weather application, iOS 7 replicates the weather outside on the device’s screen—if it is raining, then it appears as if drops of rain are falling in the background. If it’s sunny and blue skies are out, then the phone will mirror that.
One of the more popular upgrades with iOS 7 is Apple’s new iTunes Radio, which is Apple’s version of Pandora Radio. 

There is one small but important difference between Pandora and iTunes radio, however: Pandora allows only five song skips while iTunes Radio permits six. It must also be noted that iTunes Radio only works when the phone has a Wi-Fi connection.

iOS 7 also introduced redesigned features such as the Notification Center. This feature notifies the user about anything missed and upcoming events on the user’s calendar. It gives a summary of everything recorded in the phone for that day, and it’s conveniently accessed by merely flicking down the screen.

In addition, multitasking is nearly identical to the old iOS, with an exception to deleting open apps. Now, all the user has to do is double click the home button, then swipe up whatever app they wish to close. This feature keeps the battery up as much as possible.

The camera and photo app experienced some changes as well. New features with the camera include filters to all photos.

Siri and Safari have both been worked on as well. If multiple web pages are open simultaneously, the user now has a consolidated view that makes scrolling from tab to tab easier. To close an open page, the user can now just swipe it off the screen.
The Siri function changes include audio waves that move across the screen to let the user know Siri is hearing and processing what’s being said. 

Finally, “Find My iPhone” will help prevent theft. If an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is stolen, the thief will need to know the user’s Apple ID and password to reactivate it. No matter where it is, if the thief does not know the user’s security information, the device cannot be used.
iOS 7 is simplicity at its finest.