By Aaron Evans

Over the summer, I went through this crazy phase of throwing everything I could get my hands on into a blender and trying to make a smoothie out of it. Some things are never meant to be blended together–like mint ice cream, blueberry and peach.

It tasted like fruity vomit. 

But I didn’t let that stop me from channeling my inner barista. The next week I had a craving for vanilla ice cream, coffee and honey. So, naturally, I put all three of them in a blender.
It was liquid heaven. 

Sometimes we have cravings for odd things that we can’t find at Starbucks or the local dairy bar — like a milkshake made of all of the ice cream on the menu (if you’re into that kind of thing). Or, maybe coffee with four different flavor shots, plus some fruit to add texture (OK, maybe not). Sadly, not all places that serve smoothies and coffee will make you the custom drink of your dreams. But there’s hope! Our very own HICCUP Café will more than likely make you whatever you want, so go ahead and be creative!

Here’s a list of a few custom drinks that have been ordered from HICCUP to get you started:

1. Strawberry, banana and peanut butter smoothie
2. Frozen hot chocolate
3. Green Tea Frio with a shot of peach
4. Vanilla milkshake with a shot of espresso 
5. Peach iced tea
6. Vanilla milkshake with a hazelnut flavor shot
7. Peach and cherry milkshake
8. Blended mocha latte with a shot of Irish crème 
9. Apple and peach iced tea
10. Cinnamon and Oreo milkshake 
11. Banana and peanut butter milkshake
12. Cherry and Oreo milkshake
13. Coffee with one shot of vanilla and honey
14. Strawberry, mango and peach smoothie
15. Vanilla milkshake with peach and mango

I know in the massive of amounts of free time we have in college, you’ll be able to try one of these concoctions. But, if you ever have a spare moment and are near the HICCUP, you should definitely try one of these custom drinks — or, better yet, make your own. The workers are willing to make whatever you want, but dropping them a tip every now and then will make your custom drink that much more worth it. 

Happy experimenting, Asbury!