By Joel Sams
Senior News Writer

Student opinions differ on whether or not the impending relocation of the Campus Post Office (CPO) and bookstore will be a positive change.

CPO and the bookstore will be combined and moved to the first floor of the Hamann-Ray Science Building by Fall 2014, according to Gary Howard, assistant vice-president for business affairs.

Students will purchase their textbooks from an online contractor, and the orders will be processed by a more streamlined postal system. 

“The online textbook service will allow students to purchase books at competitive prices as well as shop the marketplace with confidence they are getting the correct books,” Howard said.

Other changes will include email notifications for package pickup and more Asbury University products available for purchase in the bookstore.

Howard says that the change is taking place for two reasons: because of the increased number of students buying textbooks online, and because “the administration would like to demolish the Doddridge-Holland building.”

The relocation is scheduled for May 2014, and should be in place for the fall semester, Howardnsays.

CPO has been its current location for at least 40 years, according to Post Office Manager Doris Adams. She says she won’t be affected by the change, though.
“I’m retiring in December,” she said.

Senior Jonathon Wilkes dislikes the move.

“I do not like that it’s no longer centrally located,” he said. “Its biggest perk is its ease of access—it’s right in the middle of campus. Other than that, I’m indifferent.”

Junior Macaira Furman has always bought her books from the bookstore. She says that the change will be hard to get used to.

“It will be weird,” she said. “It’s going to suck walking all the way up there in the winter, when it’s freezing.”

Sophomore Kristen Bender, on the other hand, says that she always buys her books from other places. “My preference is having CPO here, just because it’s more convenient, but it doesn’t really concern me,” she said.

Sophomore Josh Forringer also has reservations about the relocation, but looks forward to expanded selection in the bookstore.

“It’s a little on the weird side,” he said. “Seems like it’s a little out of the way. But I’m happy with more selection, as far as that goes.”