By Daniel Jarboe
Contributing Writer

 I would like to keep this short and get right to the issue:  as a Christian community, it is unnecessary to even mention the standards to which we are called to live out and uphold. I think it is also fair to include that our school-wide vision for the year is embracing intentional positivity and holistic unity. Mentioning this only to say that after attending the first home soccer matches, I wondered if the opposing teams or their fans would even know that we are a Christian institution. 

I am not alone in thinking that sportsmanship has been at a pathetic low and that the taunting from our own fans has been embarrassing to say the absolute least. It has been simply unacceptable.

I am a huge fan of soccer and sports in general, and I don’t mean to overstep my bounds here, but typically I feel like fans should spend more time supporting their own team rather than teasing the other. I absolutely do not mean to chastise anyone, but simply to remind us of who we are and what we stand for. I challenge each of you who attend these games to be uplifting in your words or not to attend them at all. If our aim is to be like Christ to others, then let’s make Asbury a force to be reckoned with in that regard.